Ironing Table Veit Uniset DB S/S+B

Ironing Table Veit Uniset DB S/S+B

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Veit _Uniset_DB_SS_B

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Ironing Table Veit Uniset DB S/S+B. Description:


Veit Uniset DB S/S+B is an industrial ironing table especially designed for the light clothing industry. Suitable for finishing dresses, skirts and blouses.


Advantages of the Veit Uniset DB S/S+B ironing table :


  • VEIT ironing tables are known worldwide for their performance, durability and reliability;
  • The table has a height adjustable in 6 steps (720-950 mm / 28.4-37.4 inches);
  • It is provided with suction function and blowing function for short operations;
  • The suction and blowing functions can be adjusted manually according to the requirements;
  • Equipped with wheels for easy transport;
  • Optionally, a sound damper can be installed;
  • It has a wide range of accessories and shapes you can choose from;
  • High suction performance and easy handling due to automatic redirecting of suction/blowing when swivel arm is swivelled in.




Customized according to the customer requirements.

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