Manual Shirt Folding Station FS 10

Manual Shirt Folding Station FS 10

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Veit_FS_10

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Shirt Folding Stations with automatic Collar Former Veit FS 10. Description:


Veit FS 10 is an industrial shirt folding table used in the textile industry in the process of folding shirts for men, women and children, the special shape of the table allows the folding of shirts of different shapes and sizes.


Advantages of Veit FS 10 Shirt Folding Station:


  • Special width of the table top and a button groove permit easy handling and an efficient placement of the shirt;
  • The folding template can be easily shifted or adjusted (depends on unit model) for different folding sizes;
  • The height-adjustable folding station with its adjustable accessories, shelves and left or right operation provides for an ergonomic working place.


VEIT Shirt Folding Stations are all equipped with the special Universal Seamless Collar Former:


  • Automatically adjusting to a wide range of shirt collar sizes;
  • Made in one single piece, it shapes and gives the final form with uniform pressure and heat avoiding marks and without damage to shirt label as it is free from heat;
  • A special long metallic band guarantees perfect finishing of the external;
  • Electrically heated; temperature can be set adequately to the fabric on a digital controller;
  • Adjustment of collar shape easily possible: round oval, long oval, wide oval.

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