Jumag Multiple Steam Units

Jumag Multiple Steam Units

Manufacturer: Jumag

Product Code: Unitati_Multiple_Jumag

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Jumag Multiple Steam Units. Description:


Multiple steam units are recommended when a capacity greater than 560 kg steam / hour is needed or if almost 100% of the steam supply quantity is redundant.


For several steam units a common water source and a common blowing vessel are frequently used. There is no limitation on the number of Jumag generators that can be connected. The steam capacity is adjusted upon request through a boiler sequence circuit, also, the systems with several units do not require approval and monitoring. In order to obtain uniform usage of the steam boilers, priorities are regularly changed.




  • For larger steam requirements – cost effective nonetheless;
  • Extendable steam output – the unit can expand depending on your needs;
  • Supply security – via redundant steam generators;
  • Tailored steam supply with fluctuating steam consumption;
  • All advantages of the Jumag steam boiler are also applicable for large amounts of steam;
  • Multi-unit systems require no approval or monitoring.

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