Pants Finisher Veit 8741

Pants Finisher Veit 8741

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Veit_8741

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Pants Finisher Veit 8741. Description:


VEIT 8741 is especially used to achieve excellent results when finishing short and long trousers.


Using an electric motor instead of an air cylinder, the VEIT 8741 is far more accurate than any other finishers on the market. This is very important for sensitive clothing, because the system will stop immediately after reaching the preset stretch level. After the hem clamps have stopped, they can be moved up or down again to further stretch the garment thus avoiding creasing the material.


This mannequin is equipped with a unique waist extension system called simply, “Body”, which forms the waist of the pants depending on the shape of the human body. Unlike other trouser finishing mannequins, which extend the waist only laterally, VEIT’s patented stretching system extends the waist of the trousers back also, giving the pants a complete finish in the upper area.


Advantages of the pants finisher Veit 8741:


  • Patented electromotive carriage drive of the hem clamping device. Highly precise stretch control function (optionally with VEIT-O-STRETCH or anti-stretch leg) ensures damage-free finishing of even sensitive stretch fabrics;
  • Loading height is easily adjustable in three steps using foot pedal (with option short trousers package);
  • Smooth and steady running of carriage significantly improves the finish quality;
  • Waistband tensioning system “Body” tensions trousers two-dimensionally in a semi-circle to improve finish quality even further;
  • Patented waistband tensioning devices for long lifetime free of wear and tear;
  • The modular system allows a combination of the base unit with longitudinal or lateral waistband tensioning and many other options;
  • Waistband size from 19–56 inch / 480–1430mm.

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