Veit 8905 press for collars and cuffs

Veit 8905 press for collars and cuffs

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Presa_8905

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Veit 8905 press for collars and cuffs. Description:


8905 is a three-part collar / cuff press and has a specially shaped upper buck made of polished stainless steel that dries collars and cuffs quickly and provides an excellent finish.


This press is provided with a vertical head buck closing which transfers even distribution of pressure onto the entire pressing surface and prevents displacement of the garment on the machine.


Veit 8905 comes with an integrated vacuum function that helps the operator position the product as accurately as possible, avoiding any movement of the product when the press is closed.


The temperature and pressing time are adjusted with the help of the control unit.


This press is perfect for pre-washed shirts offering exceptional results. Customers use the VEIT 8905 press together with the SF26 mannequin. These two products together offer exceptional results in terms of quality and finish time when it comes to processing normal or pre-washed shirts.


Designed to ensure the operator’s safety Veit 8905 has a function that immediately stops the machine in case of emergency. After activating this function the press immediately depressurizes and remains inactive until it receives the next command.


Veit ironing bucks are made of the highest quality materials ensuring an even distribution of steam and vacuum power onto the entire pressing surface.


You can find all types of bucks and other accessories or consumables shown below or on our shop website


The safety frame on the top cover as well as the variable drying time adjustment through the rotary potentiometer are standard equipment.


Advantages of :


  • Available as electrically heated buck shapes or as steam heated version;
  • Soft cover system protect buttons;
  • Control unit for temperature and pressing time;
  • Specially shaped upper buck made of polished stainless steel;
  • Built-in suction guarantees a safe positioning of the cuffs and collar and a fast cool-down after pressing;
  • Little space required.

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Technical data
Dimensions1100 (43.3) x 850 (33.5) x 1790 (70.5) – 1890 (74.4 mm / inch
Weight190 (418.9) kg / lbs
Steam consumption8–10 (17–22)1) kg/h (lbs/h)
Steam pressure4.5 – 6 bar
Air consumption63 (1.3) l/min (cub.ft/min)
Electrical connection1 × 230/50 – 60/0.91) 3 × 400/50 – 60/3.32) volt/Hz/Kw
Productivity90 buc. / hour