Shirt Finisher Veit SF 26

Shirt Finisher Veit SF 26

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Veit_SF_26

High quality product


Shirt Finisher Veit SF 26. Description:


Veit SF 26 is the best solution for finishing sport shirts, textured surfaces and woman shirts which cannot be ironed using a classic shirt press such as VEIT HPV-4.


Veit SF 26 offers an optimal finishing of the product using its distinct functions, such as: the steam and pressure function that softens the material after forming, the drying and cooling of the product using the extra-high blowing power and optimal forming of the product due to the 3-D moving tensioning elements


This shirt finisher is built with hard-surfaced materials and due to the heating elements situated inside the unit it can help increasing the productivity by shortening the operation times and improving the finishing results.


With the help of the spring-loaded pneumatic sleeve tensioners for long and short-sleeved shirts the finishing of the cuffs can be made without leaving marks.

Due to the optimized geometry of the mannequin and the new type of cuff holder the working range for the operator is extended while ensuring a distortion-free tightening of the cuff, process efficient drying of the cuff from the inside and reduced air outlet at the cuff slot.


With the help of a new option that allows the operator to adjust the height of the mannequin which is set from the control display various garments of different sizes, shapes and materials can be finished efficiently and to the highest quality standard.

SF 26 is programmed using a high-resolution touchscreen display on which all important functions and parameters of the mannequin are visible at a single glance. The touchscreen functions are easy to understand making this machine very easy to operate even for a person that is not specialized in ironing.

This control device provides permanent information about the operations performed, has the capacity to store 3 different finishing programs and monitors the number of finished shirts on the machine.



The heat recovery system ( optional ) – absorbs the heat released during the finishing process and dries the moist air with the help of a heat exchanger which transforms the absorbed hot air into energy, thus obtaining more benefits:


  • Significant energy savings of up to 30%;
  • Increased cooling and drying performance of the finished product / shorter cycling times;
  • Less heat radiated in the environment;
  • No heat radiation to the operator.


Advantages of Veit SF 26 Shirt Finisher:


  • Steam heated base unit with blowing and absorption function;
  • Pneumatic adjustment of shoulder level;
  • Optimal forming due to 3-D ¬movable tensioning elements;
  • Automatic adjustment of width from XS to XXXL;
  • Belt drive for a smooth and gentle movement of the hem clamp;
  • Precise re-streching during the finishing process;
  • Integrated re-stretching function prevents wrinkles;
  • Automatic height adjustment;
  • Extra-high blowing power.


Flexible Bust Sizes:


  • Bust S – perimeter 690 mm (27.2 inch ) for blouses;
  • Bust SL – perimeter 780-940 mm (30,7 – 37,0 inch).


The shoulder width is adjustable for bust SL between 43 and 54 cm (16.9 – 21.3 inch). Shoulder width bust S is 42 cm (16.5 inch) (is not adjustable).



There are also different hem circumferences:


  • S: 78 – 158 cm (30.7 – 62.2 inch);
  • SL: 90 – 170 cm (35.4 – 66.9 inch).


For bust S L, an automatic unloading station is optionally available­­­ to shorten cycle times and increase productivity.

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Technical data
Dimensions L x W x H1210 (47.7) - 2670 (105.1)/ 1310 (51.5) - 1660 (65.4) mm/inch
Weight290 (2915) kg (lbs)
Steam consumption55 (145.5) kg / h (lbs / h)
Steam pressure6.0 bar
Compressed air consumption10 (0.4) l / min (cub.ft / min)
Power supply3 x 400/50 – 60/2.7 – 3.3 1 x 230/50 – 60/1.45 volt / Hz / Kw
Productivity60-100 buc/h