Shirt Fusing Machine Veit BH 600

Shirt Fusing Machine Veit BH 600

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Veit_BH_600

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Shirt Fusing Machine Veit BH 600. Description:


This machine is especially designed for fusing collars and cuffs from shirts. The BH 600 is equipped with an active cooling system for the fused elements and an optical sensor that facilitates the automatic collection of fused parts.


An important feature of this machine is the heating system, which ensures uniform distribution of heat throughout the entire fusing surface and allows accurate temperature adjustment for the upper and lower heating zones. The pressing system is also important in the fusing process as most adhesives require a high level of pressure. Therefore, to provide perfect fusing, the BH 600 maintains the fused materials under additional pressure after the initial pressing process is completed.


Advantages of Veit BH 600 fusing machine:


  • Can be operated by one person;
  • Proven VEIT panel heating technology;
  • Active Cooling System for fused assemblies;
  • Optional stacker available for high productivity.


The Control Unit:


Reliability in terms of fusing parameters is essential for the fusing operation. A clear display of those parameters on the fusing machine is important for the operator to maintain an even quality.


Advantages of the control unit:


  • Clear display of fusing parameters;
  • Clearly visible by seated operator;
  • Diagnostic system for heating elements, motor control and belt progression;
  • Clear, simple color display with temperature control to prevent too low or too high temperatures;
  • Set/actual temperature monitoring;
  • Control indicators for active cooling system.

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