Trouser Seam Ironing Table Uniset S

Trouser Seam Ironing Table Uniset S

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Trouser Seam Ironing Table Uniset S. Description:


This ironing table is used in the clothing industry for Men´s and Ladies´Wear and is especially designed for easy opening of crotch and side seams of the pants.


Advantages of Veit Uniset S Ironing Table:


  • Timer available as an option;
  • Optionally available with chain for ideal positioning and avoidance of wrinkles in the seam area;
  • The table’s height is adjustable in six steps from 720-950 mm / 28.4-37.4 inch;
  • High suction power for short drying and cycle times;
  • Equipped with an heated buck for condensate free ironing.

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