Trouser topper pressing machine BRI 235 VC

Trouser topper pressing machine BRI 235 VC

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: BRI_235_VC

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Trouser topper pressing machine BRI 235 VC. Description:


BRI 235 VC is used in the textile industry for ironing and shaping of trouser tops. This press has an vertical closing of the bucks wich:


  • Eliminates obstruction in the loading area during material positioning ;
  • ensures free visibility to the garment on the machine ;
  • Doesn’t allow the heat radiation to reach the operator .


Transfers even distribution of pressure onto the entire pressing surface and prevents displacement of the garment on the machine.


Due to the DMC (direct control of the machine) system, which is found on all Brisay presses, the waiting time for starting the machine has been eliminated. Even in case of emergency or power outages, the machine is ready for operation in less than 1 second.


The press contains a control panel with a power of 400 MHZ as a 5.7-inch color display with USB port and WLAN interface that allows remote control of the machine. This panel directly monitors the electrical components of the press and announces when an error occurs, and the operator intervenes directly where the problem is without wasting time in diagnosis. In order to facilitate the work of the operators, the control panel keeps a history of the errors that have occurred.


Advantages of BRI 235 VC:


  • Buck closing – combined scissor and vertical movement: high quality pressing in combination with short cycle time;
  • 100 % repeatability exactness of the pressure applied and perfect pressing results thanks to ultra-fast pressure changes with Piezo technology: mark free pressing even at sensitive fabrics;
  • User-friendly 5.7“ colour touch display;
  • Steam edge suction: upper and lower buck;
  • Manual steam and pressing can be saved seperately in program;
  • Waistband stretching device: improves quality & shortens cycle time.

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