Trouser Topper Pressing Machine BRI 2390-211 Basic

Trouser Topper Pressing Machine BRI 2390-211 Basic

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: BRI_2390_211_Basic

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Trouser topper pressing machine BRI 2390-211 (BRItimer controlled unit). Description:


BRI 2390-211 guarantees a wrinkle free finishing of the trouser topper ( waist band ) and the optimum pressing of the delicate materials. Due to the DMC (direct control of the machine) system, which is found on all Brisay presses, the waiting time for starting the machine has been eliminated. Even in case of emergency or power outages, the machine is ready for operation in less than 1 second.


A very important feature of the press is the new VEIT innovation called – “STEAM EDGE SUCTION”. What is Steam Edge Suction Technology? – So that the final result is a perfect one, every step of the finishing process must be completed correctly. The operator’s skills and the functions and efficiency of the press contribute equally to achieving the qualitative final result of the press. When the press bucks come together for pressing, some of the steam coming out of the upper buck exits outwards, thus damaging other parts of the already finished garment. The Steam Edge Suction function absorbs the entire additional amount of steam from the upper pressing buck through the vacuum to the lower buck. This feature is very important because there is no need for any final retouching with the help of an iron after the finishing process.


Advantages of BRI 2390-211 Basic pressing machine:


  • Steam edge suction: prevents damage to previously finished pressing areas during the pressing process – Increases quality;
  • Lower buck steam via pedal: pre-steaming or pressing of velvet fabrics (steaming without pressing!);
  • Trouser waistband clamp and stretching device: Automatic stretching of the waistband at the side-body area – Improves handling  (optional);
  • Hanging device (trouser is clamped in a special trouser clamp): legs are not twisted – Increases quality (optional);
  • Manual operation via pedal (optional).

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