Trousers Leg Ironing Table Varioset

Trousers Leg Ironing Table Varioset

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: masa_calcat_veit_varioset

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Trousers Leg Ironing Table Varioset. Description:


Varioset is an industrial ironing table particularly suitable for removing imperfections in the trouser leg seams or waistband seams areas.


Advantages of Veit Varioset ironing table:


  • This ironing table can be used for excellent results and minimum handling times when finishing a product;
  • The design of the ironing bucks is especially designed for large size materials;
  • A waistband clamp is standard and will keep trousers in place while the blowing function is being used;
  • The trouser leg ironing station gives your trousers the finishing touch and guarantees excellent finishing quality in the waistband and lateral seam areas.


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