VEIT Industrial Dry Iron DI 2004 with Veitronic

VEIT Industrial Dry Iron DI 2004 with Veitronic

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Industrial iron Veit DI 2004 with electronic temperature control unit Veitronic. Description:


DI 2004 Veitronic is designed for dry ironing, especially for ironing of lining, equipped with an aluminum soleplate which slides very well on all types of material.  The edges of the soleplate are rounded, thus avoiding any unwanted movement of the material.


The iron’s handle is ergonomic, especially designed to help the operator to handle the iron more easily and for a longer period of time.


This iron has a long service life and it is designed for heavy use, in 2 or 3 working shifts. All the characteristics of the iron guarantee a perfect ironing without marks or stains on the garment.



Electronic temperature control unit – VEITRONIC.



VEIT HS 2003 is equipped with an electronic control device that allows precise temperature regulation with a tolerance of +/- 1 ° C, thus guaranteeing excellent results of the ironing operations, whether we are talking about classical or delicate materials.


The VEITRONIC controls the temperature with the help of a sensor at the sole level and maintains the temperature at the desired level throughout the working process.



Advantages of DI 2004 Dry Iron:


  • Steam-free dry ironing with electronic thermoregulator with a temperature adjustment accuracy of +/- 1 degree;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Light soleplate with a very long service life and great results.


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Technical data
Weight1300 g
Power supply230 V; 1250 W; 50-60 Hz
Sole dimensions210 x 105 mm / 8,3 x 4,1 inch