Coloris stamping ink for textiles Berolin-Ariston P (250 g)

Coloris stamping ink for textiles Berolin-Ariston P (250 g)
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Berolin AristonP is a stamping ink which is resistant to washing and the usual solvents used in dry cleaning, which does not attack the fabric.

Important note:
Always wash fabric to remove textile finish prior to stamping.

This stamping ink is very economical providing intense, colour fast markings which are washable after 4–5 hours.

We recommend Berolin Ariston 300P for marking all natural fibers such as cotton, silk, linen as well as rayon and fleece.
Synthetic fibers such as nylon, Perlon, Elastane or Polyacrylic are not particularly suitable for marking with Berolin Ariston P, because as a rule, the fibers have a closed surface preventing penetration into the fiber. However, use may be possible from case to case.

pH value:
~6 ±1 (20°C)

low to medium viscosity, ~20–60sec (Ford 4mm cup)

Stamp material:
Rubber, metal or special photo polymers

Stamp pad material:
We recommend unsaturated felt plate pads, however, normal felt pads are also suitable. The ink remains moist for stamping for about 3h before the ink dries out

Thinner 465

Available standard sizes:
250ml/g (only on request: 1000ml/g)

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