Bandknife splitting machine Fortuna FSP Blueline

Bandknife splitting machine Fortuna FSP Blueline

Manufacturer: Fortuna

Product Code: FSP_Blueline

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Bandknife splitting machine Fortuna Blueline. Description:


The new FORTUNA splitting machine FSP Blueline is characterized by energy- efficient drives and a particularly user-friendly intuitive interface. With this splitting machine various soft materials can be processed.


With the new safety equipment, FSP Blueline sets new standards in safety technology and the operator manipulation has been simplified with the new flexible support arm that offers the ability to set the position of the individual touch panel to personal requirements.


Due to its simple and ergonomic design, the splitting machine takes up very little space and allows quick and uncomplicated access for servicing.


The new FSP Blueline is available in two versions:


  • Fortuna FSP 470 Blueline with a working width of 470 mm.
  • Fortuna FSP 750 Blueline with a working width of 750 mm.




  • The machine is energy efficient – low power consumption;
  • Equipped with a user-friendly intuitive interface with touchscreen;
  • The new flexible support arm gives the operator the possibility to set the position of the touch panel individually to personal requirements;
  • Enhanced safety system;
  • Ergonomic and maintenance-friendly design, which allows fast and uncomplicated access for service;
  • Reliable technology.


Advantages of Fortuna Blueline splitting machines:


  • The machine can be transported with a pallet truck;
  • The feed drive can be individually adjusted;
  • Equipped with a digital thickness gauge and work lamp;
  • Ethernet and USB-Interface;
  • Provided with upper driven presser roll and rubber feed roll;
  • Sound absorber for suction.


Optional components for FSP Blueline splitting machines:


  • Optionally equipped with manual grinding device with CBN grinding wheels or automated grinding device with CBN grinding wheels;
  • The band knife drive and the scrap suction can be individually adjusted;
  • Remote maintenance via wirelles connection;
  • Collecting Operating Data;
  • Electronic display of power consumption;
  • Multifunction pedal and lubrication device;
  • Presser bar;
  • Roller way table;
  • Swiveling carrier for presser roll / presser bar;
  • Steel feed roll knurled and feed roll left knurled, right rubber;
  • Upper presser roll knurled;
  • The feed gear motor can be manually adjusted;
  • Reinforced band knife drive 3KW;
  • Knife guide plate with supporting screws;
  • Increased clearance 20 mm;
  • Increased clearance 34 mm.


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Technical data
Working width (mm)470 mm ( FSP 470 Blueline ), 750 mm ( FSP 750 Blueline )
min. splitting thickness presser bar / presser roll (mm)0,2 / 0,5
max. clearance (mm)8,0
Feed drive (m/min)2 - 24
Emisii de zgomot dB (A)60
Machine length, width, height166, 99, 154
Electrical power supply (kVA)6,5 ( FSP 470 Blueline ) 7 ( FSP 750 Blueline )
Net weight (kg)750 ( FSP 470 Blueline ) ( FSP 750 Blueline ) 1070
Packing dimensions (cm)181, 115, 140
Automatic grinding machinemin. 6 bar.