Jumag FLO1060 Oil or Gas Fired Steam Boiler

Jumag FLO1060 Oil or Gas Fired Steam Boiler

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Jumag FLO1060 Oil or Gas Fired Steam Boiler. Description:


Jumag FLO1060 oil or gas fired steam boiler links the advantages of a compact  quick steam generator with those of a robust and reliable shell boiler.


Advantages of Jumag FLO1060 Oil or Gas Fired Steam Boiler:


  • Output of 1060 kg/h ( up to 4000 kg/h as multiple system );
  • Oil or gas fired equipped with industrial burners;
  • Requires no approval in Germany and many other countries;
  • The FLO1060 has to be monitored by an approved authority;
  • Robust vaporization system in the form of a small shell boiler;
  • Cenntrifugal pump integrated as a boiler pump;
  • Easy to use , high-performing touch screen controls;
  • High heat exchange performance on a small area;
  • Condensing boiler technology(> 100% efficiency) with downstream second economiser;
  • 3- to 4-duct flue gas control;
  • Dry steam;
  • Energy efficient Jumag equipment for minimal losses;
  • Combines the advantages of a large shell boiler with those of a quick steam generator;
  • Vertical vaporization system similar to a shell boiler with wall thickness up to 11 mm;
  • No pipe coil;
  • Integrated, low-maintenance centrifugal pump;
  • Considerable operating safety due to the simple and compact overall structure;
  • High standard of quality, due to the use of industrial standard components;
  • Simple usage via intuitive touch-screen controls in many languages;
  • Easy access for maintenance;
  • Automatic start with a timer or by an external signal;
  • Optionally with automatic blow down or desalination;
  • Modular JUMAG standard components, optimally matched to one another and simple to combine;
  • Operating pressure up to 13 bars, working pressure is 5 bars to 11 bars;
  • Only requires small space thanks to compact design;
  • Modular and expandable for further Jumag steam boiler;
  • Available as compact, skid-mounted steam system including blow down vessel and water treatment unit;
  • Available as pre-assembled container solution;
  • Intuitive touch-screen controls in many languages;
  • Integrated control cabinet;
  • Additional safety devices above regulations: Safety valve, steam pressure limiter, exhaust temperature limiter, steam temperature limiter, low water level shut-off, pump pressure monitoring;
  • Depending on the water level in the pressure vessel, the feed water is replenished by means of the boiler pump via the economiser into the pressure vessel.

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Technical data
Steam output1060 kg/h (17,7 kg/Min)
Max. operating pressure13 bar
Working pressure11 bar
Heat up time in min10
Max. oil throughput (11,8 kWh/kg)64,4 kg/h
Max. gas flow rate (10,35 kWh/m3)73,4 m3/h
Heat load760 kW
Heat output720kW