Multiform finisher for jackets and coats Veit 8363.

Multiform finisher for jackets and coats Veit 8363.

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: 8363_Basic_8363_Classic

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Multiform finisher for jackets and coats Veit 8363. Description:


Veit 8363 is the best solution for finishing coats, sports jackets, casual jackets, jeans jackets etc.


This multiform finisher offers an optimal finishing of the product using its distinct functions, such as: the steam and pressure function that softens the material after forming and the drying and cooling of the product using the extra-high blowing power, all this combined with an automatic finishing program.


The VEIT 8363 mannequin was created to meet the highest standards when it comes to quality and efficiency and with the powerful integrated engine has a productivity of up to 80 pieces per hour.


This finisher is built with hard-surfaced materials and due to the heating elements situated inside the unit it can help increasing the productivity by shortening the operation times and improving the finishing results.


8363 has at the support’s arm level a tensioning device and two front-back fastening devices that secure the garment in a correct and stable position thus ensuring a high quality finished product.


The shape of the mannequin is adjustable in height, ( “basic” ) up to 130 cm, but it has the possibility of processing products with a height of up to 200 cm by adapting an extension. Besides the height adjustment, VEIT 8363 also comes with the possibility of adjusting the shoulder width from approx. 33 to 53 cm.


In order to be very efficient in productivity and to reduce the working time as much as possible 8363 rotates 360 degrees, this option reduces the number of operations that need to be made by the operator.


The control panel:




The VEITouch Control Unit is equipped with a 5.7″ touchscreen colour display which shows all functions and parameters at one glance. Also, you can store 10 programs settings and retrieve when needed. For service and maintenance purposes, all functions can be manually controlled through the display.


All input and output functions can be checked at the display. Thus, any defective parts can be identified quickly in the event of disorders. This keeps service costs low.


This model is available in two versions:


  • Multiform Finisher 8363 Basic
  • Multiform Finisher 8363 Clasic


Advantages of the Multiform Finisher 8363:


  • Designed to reduce energy consumption as much as possible, the VEIT 8363 has the option of adjusting the amount of steam via the touch screen controller;
  • The finisher is available both with and without a built-in steam generator, thus being possible to connect it to the local steam network;
  • The operator who will use Multiform VEIT 8363, will need a maximum of 2-3 hours of training, not requiring extensive previous experience.


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Technical data
Dimensions L x W x H980 x 1160 xmin 1570-max 2370
Weight175 kg
Steam quantity15 kg/hour
Productivity60 – 80 / hour
Electrical connection220-240 v/1,5 kw /50-60 HZ