Industrial underpressing steam iron Veit HS 2003 with Veitronic

Industrial underpressing steam iron Veit HS 2003 with Veitronic

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Veit_HS_2003

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Underpressing steam iron with electronic temperature control unit VEIT HS 2003. Description:



HS 2003 iron was specially designed for underpressing seams, a special feature of the iron is the flat tip in connection with the inclined steam outlet that ensure an easy opening of the seams. This shape helps the operator to accurately iron only the necessary parts without touching other pieces of material, thus ensuring excellent results even for hard to reach areas.


Veit HS 2003 underpressing iron has an ergonomic design and a weight of only 1.2 kg, thus being easy to handle and ensuring an optimal ironing of the materials. In order to avoid accidents at the workplace and to ensure a comfortable and safe ironing operation, HS 2003 has a special protection integrated between the sole and the iron handle which limits the heat loss and doesn’t allow hot steam to reach the operator.



Electronic temperature control unit – VEITRONIC:



VEIT HS 2003 is equipped with an electronic control device that allows precise temperature regulation with a tolerance of +/- 1 ° C, thus guaranteeing excellent results of the ironing operations, whether we are talking about classical or delicate materials.


The VEITRONIC controls the temperature with the help of a sensor at the sole level and maintains the temperature at the desired level throughout the working process.



Advantages VEIT HS 2003 steam iron:


  • Allows exact temperature regulation with a max. tolerance of +/- 1°C;
  • Better and faster stabilization of the ironing result;
  • The small soleplate saves energy and concentrates it at exactly the right spot.
  • Short heat-up and short reaction times;
  • The optimal weight distribution improves the irons ergonomy especially when it is used without a suspension system.


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Technical data
Weight1200 grams
Sole dimensions200 x 40 mm / 7,9 x 1,6 inch
Power supply230 Volt; 800 Watt; 50-60 Hz