Automatic Fabric Roll Transport System Bullmer Transroll

Automatic Fabric Roll Transport System Bullmer Transroll

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Automatic Fabric Roll Transport System Bullmer Transroll. Description:


The Transroll is a flexible fabric roll transport and storing system with an automatic roll changer system for direct installation at a cutters front end. It is combined with either a bullmer spreading machine, a cradle, or a cradle installed in front of a cutter, especially for single ply cutting.


Transroll is mainly used in upholstered furniture industry, technical textile processors and other related applications and it can process all kinds of flexible flat materials stored as roll goods.


The functional interlinking of this system combination ensures automatic work flow from roll provision, through automatically programmed roll change, to fabric spreading and cutting. Remarkably, only one person is required to operate the entire system with the components and processes described. Due to the combination of a number of different work sequences – a continuous automatic process with roll mounting/roll provision/roll feeding for spreading or cutting/ unrolling/roll rewinding to storage – the Transroll enables significant savings in time and thus improves the cost effectiveness of the process chain.


Transroll is energy efficient, the system helps you reduce the production time and production costs thus saving money while improving the work flow.


Advantages of Bullmer Transroll:


  • Fabric roll transport carriage;
  • Fabric roll feeder and positioner;
  • Fabric roll loading and unloading device;
  • Barcode reader;
  • Control computer with operating software.



Optional components:


  • Additional individual roll loading stations for post cutting or rush orders;
  • Fabric roll cradle or spreading machine;
  • Single ply cutter;
  • “Clean-up aid“ for the cutter, equipped with corresponding software, for identifying the cut sections by projector during clean-up.

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Technical data
Working width1600, 1800, 2000, mm
Roller diameter300, 400, 500 mm
Maximum roller weight80 de kg ( role cu o greutate mai mare sunt disponibile la cerere )
Roller change time12-15 sec
Transport roller capacity8 role cu diametrul de 400 mm, 10 role cu diametrul de 300 mm.
Power supply230 / 400 Volt, 50 Hz, ca. 5 kW.