Semi-Automatic Shirt Folding Station with Tuck-In Device FS 20

Semi-Automatic Shirt Folding Station with Tuck-In Device FS 20

Manufacturer: Veit

Product Code: Veit_FS_20

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Semi-Automatic Shirt Folding Station with Tuck-In Device FS 20. Description:


This Shirt Folding Stations with automatic Collar Former it has been designed with maximum flexibility to allow folding men’s, ladies’ and children’s shirts in various styles, qualities and fabrics.


The station is adjustable in height, a very important aspect for operators because the station will be fixed according to the height of each one. At the top of the station are shelves for accessories such as cardboard or safety pins used for folding shirts, all these options ensure an ergonomic workspace.


The special width of the table top and a button groove permit easy handling and an efficient placement of the shirt. The folding template can be easily shifted or adjusted (depends on unit model) for different folding sizes.


The collar shape is electrically heated and the temperature can be digitally set and adjusted according to the fabric. The shape is made from a single piece, and has the role of molding and finalizing the collar with the help of uniform pressure and heat. The shape of the collar is automatically adjusted for a wide range of shapes and sizes ( round oval, long oval, wide oval ).


The station has a special system that locks the shirt shoulders in the correct position during the folding process.


A special function of the FS 20 folding station is the counting of the number of folded shirts, which helps the operator to keep track of his work process.


The tuck-in device:


This device introduces the end part of the shirt into it at the end of the folding process without the need for additional needles or staples that will damage the material. This feature can be deactivated when not required.


All station operations are activated by pressing the base pedal.


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Technical data
Dimensions1600 (63.0) x 900 (35.4) x 880 (34.6) – 1080 (42.5)  1500 (59.1) mm / inch
Weight85 (187) kg / lbs
Air pressure5 – 6 (80 – 87) 4.5 – 6 bar
Air consumption in l/min (cub.ft/min)1 (0.04)
Electrical connection1 × 110 – 230/50/0.1 v/Hz/Kw
Productivity85 buc / h