Humidification system Condair ML

Humidification system Condair ML

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Condair ML humidification system. Description:


Condair ML is an adiabatic high pressure humidification system. It is suitable for projects that require high or extremely high humidity capacities. The working pressure of this humidification system is 75 bar, thus a very fine humidification is achieved, and with the help of the intelligently mounted fans , the humidification is distributed evenly throughout the entire building.


Proper humidification is essential for maintaining comfortable, hygienic and safe environments. Accumulation of electrostatic discharges, bacteria and aerosols produced by humans, etc. can be remedied with the help of a humidification system. By controlling the relative humidity, the productivity standards are respected, the losses and absences from the workplace are reduced. At Condair hygiene is the main factor when we humidify a production space where operators are present. For this reason, the Condair ML humidification system only works with treated water to promote healthy functioning for employees and for the production process.

We can also prepare selections for water systems treatment wich offer the best report in terms of price and quality.


ML system components:

The system is composed of a pump that raises the pressure from 1 bar to 75, high pressure hoses and distribution systems divided into 3 categories – depending on the need of the beneficiary and the conditions of the enclosure to be humidified:

Condair ML Solo:

  • This system is used in spaces with low heights that don’t require a high humitity capacity or fruit and vegetable deposits.

  • Condair ML Solo is a distribution system consisting of two stainless steel spray nozzles – which can be adjusted according to the desired angle.
  • the capacity of a single distribution system can be 5 kg / h (2 nozzles of 2.5 kg / h) or 9 kg (2 nozzles of 4.5 kg / h).
  • the ML Solo distribution system is designed with an extremely quiet fan (37 dBA) that helps the homogeneous humidification distribution.
  • the system is mounted on the ceiling or on the walls of enclosures with a height of at least 2.4 m.

Condair ML FlexLine:

  • ML FlexLine is a distribution system tailored to the needs of the final beneficiary, composed of two nozzles made of stainless steel that are connected to the high pressure hoses.

  • this system is used in spaces with relatively high heights (minimum 7.3 m).
  • the system can be configured with two types of nozzles with different capacities: 2.5 kg / h or 4.5 kg / h.
  • it can be mounted on the ceiling, suspended or on the walls of the enclosure that needs to be humidified.
  • it is recommended for very high spaces, anti-ex (explosion resistant) spaces or industrial halls with a lot of dust inside.
  • this system doesn’t include a fan.

Condair ML Princess:

  • distribution system consisting of 8 stainless steel nozzles.

  • with the help of the compact design, this distribution system manages to meet any requirements.
  • the system is recommended in any type of application where high humidification quantities are required.
  • a single system can deliver up to 36 kg / h and is composed of 8 nozzles (2.5 kg / h or 4.5 kg / h).
  • the system can be installed on the ceiling, mounted on a wall or suspended (most suitable).
  • ML Princess is provided with a fan to uniformize the humidification distribution, the system is very quiet (55 dBa) and energy efficient (100W).



Condair ML Applications:


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Textile, Knitting
  • Electronics
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Composite
  • Defense
  • Furniture
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Printing
  • Fruit-vegetable deposits, and many other applications.


Competitive advantages of Condair ML:


  • Atomization with fine particles for a rapid mixing with the ambient air.

  • Different combinations can be implemented depending on the type of production, the configuration of the space or other similar factors.
  • The sprayed water is absorbed and evaporated 100%.
  • The system has an extremely low electricity consumption. A single distribution unit offering 54 kg / h and operates at 120 W!
  • No pipeline renovations or additional installations are required.
  • Adiabatic system – cools the space, the employees and the products.
  • Reduces the costs with mechanical cooling.
  • Low noise level while operating, reaching only 59 dBa.
  • Inlet nozzles and valves are of the highest quality – ensuring a drip-free performance.
  • Reduces costs by approx. 90% compared to in-duct steam humidification.
  • VDI and DGUV certification.
  • Hygienic humidification.
  • ML humidification systems are suitable for industrial applications with humidification capacities up to 10,000 kg / h.
  • Suitable for large spaces, low ceiling spaces or spaces with asymmetrical shapes.
  • The distribution systems can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall of the enclosure that needs to be humidified.
  • Very low operating costs.
  • All the components are made of  high quality materials, thus ensuring a long product life.


Diagram of the Condair ML humidification system:




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Technical data
Available modelsML Princess 2 / ML Princess 3 / ML Solo 1 / ML Solo 2 / ML Flex
ML Princess 2 / capacity12-36 l/h
ML Flexline / capacity1 – ∞ l/h
ML Solo 2 / capacity3-5 l/h
Water qualitydemineralized with electrical conductivity 5-15μS/cm,